How Do I Know My Business Will Succeed?

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Many of my coaching clients tell me that all the fear and lack of confidence when starting a business boils down to one question – “How do I know if my business is going to succeed?” The success of your business depends on a lot of factors, but you can do many things to increase your chance of building a highly profitable business. The first step is to do your homework. Research the business you want to start, check out the competition and develop a plan. The time you spend in the beginning will save you tons of costly mistakes. The worst thing is finding yourself wasting so much time and money in the wrong business or using the wrong strategies. The key is being crystal clear about what you want. How much money do you want to make? What kind of lifestyle do you want to live? When you are clear exactly what … Continue reading

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How to Take the ‘Overwhelm’ Out of Growing Your Business – Step by Step – for Each Phase of Your Business Growth

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When you come upon an apple tree, where do you pick first? The tree is full of fruit, high and low, and all of it looks good. You can’t decide whether to get the ladder and start up high or somewhere else. It’s the same in business. If you’re like most small business owners, you likely get overwhelmed with so many ideas, you’re not sure what you should be really focusing on to grow your business. Perhaps someone told you that he’s made tens of thousands of dollars with affiliate, while another person told you membership is the way to go. With so many ideas and choices, have you ever been confused and distracted by ‘next bright shinny object’ at least once? So you start picking from the apple tree, first going high and then going low; after a while you don’t seem to be making any headway. The tree … Continue reading

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Work life balance for women: Why you should never try to manage your time


Whether you are single or married with 5 children, many women feel that 24 hours a day aren’t enough. Many women say that maintaining a balance between their work and their personal life is one of the biggest challenges in their life, and managing so many things and being happy at the same time is extremely difficult. And if you are running a business, it gets even more complicated. As a business owner, you must wear multiple hats and do everything from accounting to sales. Meanwhile, piles of documents keep stacking up on your desk, and unopened emails fill the inbox. Everyone is waiting for your instructions to get things moving. If you feel like a rat spinning a wheel, don’t worry; you are not alone. After following some advice I learned from courses and books about Time Management, I realized that using complex rules to manage the inbox and … Continue reading

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Is Something Missing in Your Life?

Girl Preparing to Pool Dive

Two and a half years ago, my husband and I left Singapore and moved to Chile to start our business. Starting a new business is extremely challenging by itself; in addition, I was starting a new life in a new country while we were preparing to get married. It was probably the toughest time in my life, yet one of the best things that happened in my life. Why? When you stretch yourself far out of your comfort zone, you grow tremendously at all levels — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Challenges are what make you a stronger and better person. Without leaving your comfort zone, you’ll never gain anything new. Everything you want is outside of your comfort zone. Think about the three most rewarding experiences in your life. Whether it was moving to a new country, starting your own business, having a child or backpacking around the world, … Continue reading

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My Top 3 Ways to Find More Paying Customers for Your Small Business

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“Should I be on Pinterest?” “What about a podcast?” “Maybe I should start a blog.” There is a flood of new marketing tools, from apps to social media. Still, new ones pop up in every few months, and marketers recommend you should “try this and that.” If you’re feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to really focus your time and effort, you’re not alone. Ask yourself why you market the way you do. You may be spending hours on Facebook every day trying to grow more friends and fans. But if most of the people are “interested,” but they don’t take out their credit card, there is no change to the bottom line. As a business owner, you should be focusing your time and effort on things that take the least time and give you the maximum result. Over years I’ve tried many different ways to market our business both … Continue reading

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8 Ways to Turn Your Passion into Money

Last week I attended an event with 250 women entrepreneurs in Los Angeles and it was truly inspiring to see so many women having their own business with what they’re truly passionate about. I often meet women with amazing talents and skills, but many of them tell me that they don’t make enough money for living yet it’s hard to keep up their passion and motivation. But the truth is that you can make more money if you think out of box. For example you are passionate about fashion. Most of people would think becoming a fashion designer or selling cloth as a business. There is nothing wrong about it, but if you open up your mind for new idea and business opportunities, you’d be amazed that there are so many more ways to make money and build your business around your passion. 1. Do it yourself – This is where many … Continue reading

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5 Mistakes People Make When Creating a Website

5 mistakes website

  If you are starting a new business, the first thing you should do is create a website, right? NO!!! Many people jump into creating a website too quickly without knowing their businesses well enough and end up spending a lot of time and money. It’s not uncommon to spend 3 months or even 6 months to get a website done, and if you don’t know exactly what you want for your website, your webmaster can waste your precious money by creating something fancy but not practical. I’ve talked to many webmasters in different countries and it’s sad to say that many of them don’t know what is really required for a business site. Here in Chile, I see many websites are created with Flash and I cannot access them using my iPhone. It’s really frustrating when I just want to find out a phone number or working hours of a … Continue reading

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Secrets of Making, Keeping and Growing Money – Part 2

False Stamp

(This article is a continuation of last week’s article “Secret of Making, Keeping and Growing Money – Part 1.” Click here to read it.) Do you know why most lottery winners end up losing all their winnings or become even poorer in just a few years? Because they didn’t change their core belief about money, called their Money Blueprint. Your Money Blueprint was shaped by what you saw, heard and experienced about money growing up. If one of your core beliefs about money is that you have to work hard to get rich instead of working smart, you’ll end up working hard. If you think rich people are greedy, you’ll never get rich because you don’t want to be someone you don’t really like! Think about an apple tree. If you want to harvest more apples, what do you have to work on? Sunlight, soil and water, right? And so … Continue reading

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Secrets of Making, Keeping and Growing Money – Part 1

Business woman accountant shocked

I work all night, I work all day, to pay the bills I have to pay Ain’t it sad And still there never seems to be a single penny left for me That’s too bad In my dreams I have a plan If I got me a wealthy man I wouldn’t have to work at all, I’d fool around and have a ball… Do you remember this song? One reason why this ABBA song became so popular was because it hit a chord with so many women. We grew up being told to study hard, find a man, maybe not very rich, but with a good education and a well-paid job and get married. Then everything’s gonna be okay. It could have been true for our grandma’s and mom’s generations, but unfortunately in 21st century this old ideal has become a fairy tale. Jobs and marriage are no longer secure, … Continue reading

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