7 Home Based Business Ideas for Moms: Easy and Low Cost Startup

Home Based Business Opportunities

Having a home based business is a great option for moms to give them control of their lives and allow them more time with their children. Many businesses can be started with very little money – no office rentals or commuting to work every morning. But low start-up cost doesn’t mean that you have to stay small. Many women started small and made it big. Successful brands like Spanx® and Hanky Panky® were first created in the living room, and today they are sold around the globe!

Here are 7 home based business ideas that can turn your passion into profits.

1. Virtual Assistant Business – Growth of the small business sector has spurred the need for good quality virtual assistants who work remotely. Even big companies these days are choosing to outsource many of their functions such as accounting, online marketing, research and social media management, instead of having this work done by full-time employees. If you already have these skills, you can easily find clients online through sites like elance and LinkedIn. You can join virtual assistant associations to get training for yourself, or even better gather a team of strong professionals who want to work from home and subcontract them out. You can approach local businesses and offer your team’s services.

2. Image Consultant – Do your friends comment on how well “put together” you look? Do they often ask you for styling advice? Why not learn about the basics of color and style and become an image consultant? You can set your own hours and work with fascinating clients and organize events and workshops. You can expand the business to include personal shopping, hair and make-up services and even sell skincare products to add more income streams.

3. Party/Event Planner – Was your last party a hit? Do you always come up with creative ideas to wow people at parties? Do you enjoy the details of planning and organizing events? If so, why not consider starting a party/event planning business? You can offer your services for birthday parties, private functions and corporate events for local businesses.

4. Etsy Shop – Do you make the most adorable accessories or have a knack for finding great vintage treasures? Why don’t you sell them online to generate income 24/7? Etsy.com is a great site that allows you to sell vintage and handmade items – everything from earrings to quilts to handmade toys for children! With good marketing and integrating social media like Facebook and Pinterest, you can generate enough sales to quit your day job.

5. Direct Marketing, Distributor or Affiliate – Do you love selling something you believe in? There are millions of successful women selling products through direct marketing and affiliate programs. This type of businesses allows you to set your own hours selling everything from organic cosmetics, supplements, educational products to environmentally friendly cleaning supplies. One of the biggest benefits is when you recruit others to sell on your team you generate revenue from their sales as well as yours. So, even if you’re not working you’re still making money.

6. Coaching – There are many different areas of coaching; from health, to career or business, to life or education. The coaching business is very fulfilling since you have opportunities to improve people’s lives. You can create different income streams from one-on-one coaching, workshops, seminars, mentorship programs, speaking events and even selling informational products.

7. Copywriting – Do you have a way with words? Great copywriters can earn thousands of dollars for writing everything from ad copy, tag lines and web content. Many businesses know that good words can convey very powerful messages and it’s worth the investment to hire a great writer.

Before starting your business there are some important things to do:

  • Check your local zoning restrictions and make sure you follow any regulations for your industry.
  • Get a business license if you need one.
  • Come up with a business name that describes what you do and register it with the proper local or state authorities.
  • Have a separate bank account for your income and expenses, and keep all your receipts. Make sure your finances are well organized so at tax time it’s easy to file your return.
  • Have an area in your home that is dedicated to your business. Even if it’s just a box with all the paperwork dealing with your business, keep it separate from your family life. If your business is going to need office space, keep that separate so at the end of the day you can shut the door on it and have quality family time.

Finally…remember to have fun and enjoy what you’re doing!

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