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Winter is just around the corner here in Chile and what annoys every working mom during this season is winter bugs.

All entrepreneurs know that when we are not in our optimal health, our productivity directly affects our bottom line. What’s even more challenging for working moms is that our kid’s health also affects our income equally. When kids get sick, usually it’s mom who takes them to a doctor and stays home with them. Working from home with a sick child is almost equal to zero productivity. When you’re also sick, it’s hard to take care of others. Therefore, I take my health and my kid’s health really seriously.

There are some common and uncommon things I do to keep myself in optimum health, and these are the exact reasons why I manage to keep myself a ‘super mom’ while everyone else in the family is sick. Would you like to know what they are? Here are my top 3 health secrets.

1. Do what you love – Have you ever hit a snooze button on your alarm and wished if you didn’t need to get up? When you wish if you didn’t need to go to work, your mind creates illness, and that’s exactly what happened to me when I was stuck in a corporate life. When you’re doing what you love, you just can’t wait to get up in the morning and start your day.

2. Less is better – I used to study homeopathy, therefore I’m a big believer of our body’s natural ability to heal. I’ve been taking very little conventional medicine for more than 10 years and it really made my immune system strong. When I feel like I’m getting sick or my kids are coughing into my face, I take 1000-2000mg of Vitamin C three times a day. I also takes Echinacea or propolis and they work wonderfully when I feel my body’s defense system is a little weak. When an onset begins, I take medicines early and I usually recover quickly.*

3. “No” to toxin– Do you know that an average American is bombarded by more than 200 pounds (approx. 100kg) of chemicals a year? No wonder many people are sick! We all know that cigarettes and a lot of alcohol are toxic to our body, but many chemicals we take are hidden in the food we take everyday. Probably the single, most effective change you can make to improve your health is to cut back on processed, packaged foods. Always check the label and avoid things like artificial color, artificial flavor, vegetable oil, hydrogenated oil, genetically modified food and so on.

A great supplement I absolutely love is Vidacell. It works like a fuel at cellular level, and it helps to strengthen the immune system, give more energy and protect our body from the damages caused by chemicals and toxins. It’s made of organic rice from Thailand and 100% natural so it’s safe for small children, pregnant women and even pets.

I usually take it when I feel like I’m getting sick or I need a boost of energy in the morning. My two toddlers used to get so many virus from the kindergarten but since they started taking Vidacell they are very healthy and even if they get sick they recover very quickly. I give it to my hubby after big parties and weddings, too! 😉 My friend gave it to her son who is diagnosed with ADHD and he managed to get off the medicine.* I know some breastfeeding moms experienced more production of breastmilk while keeping them healthy. It’s simply my favorite! If you want to try it out, here is the link:

*The medical information is not advice and should not be treated as such.

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