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One of the biggest reason why a small business fail is because they don’t know how to sell. You know how to do your job well – you have great products and service to offer, but nobody comes to the shop or website.

You start posting about their products and service in all the Facebook group and Whatsapp group you belong to, but they have very little effect because people are not interested. People get tired of your ad and they start ignoring your post. So you decide to spend money on paid Ad. Maybe you got some people interested but they are not buying… Sounds familiar? Don’t worry you’re not alone.

Sales process is very much like dating.

Imagine yourself going to the first date. You dress up in a beautiful dress, touch up your face not to look tired after working, put on a high heel and spray your favorite perfume. You arrive a little early at a restaurant where you are supposed to meet your date for the first night out. You anxiously wait for your date to arrive and just a short after he opens the door of the restaurant. He quickly finds you sitting in a corner right next to the window and he slowly walk towards you. You notice that he is hiding something at his back and you expect that it would probably a bouquet of follower. “Oh, how nice!” you say to yourself quietly. He came right in front of you and suddenly goes down on his knees and asks you for a marriage!

What would you think? Most of you would probably think “Wait! I haven’t even known him enough!”

It’s the same thing in the business. Many people try to sell without even getting trust from their potential clients and customers. Just like dating, there are 3 steps in sales.

  • Step 1 – Know me
  • Step 2 – Trust me
  • Step 3 – Buy from me ($$$!)

When you skip Step 1 and 2 and jump straight into 3, most people would become skeptical and walk away. Do you know that 99% of the visitors to your websites usually leave because they are not ready to buy?

Gaining trust takes weeks and months, but losing trust is like the speed of light. Once you lose it, you really have to work hard to get it back. It’s the same thing if it’s a personal relationship or business relationship. Because all business involve personal relationship.

Build relationship before selling! It’s relationship that builds business.

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