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Over the last 7 years I’ve worked with so many women who are struggling to make more money and I found something interesting.

Many women including me were taught to be a good girl. If you are confident, ambitious and express your opinion, what do people call you? BITCH. 😉

But what would people call a man like that? A leader, right?

I heard about a very interesting experiment – when they put boys and girls in separate rooms and they took a math exam, girls outscored boys. But when they put boys and girls in the same room, girls score less than boys. This tells us that women subconsciously give away our power.

We have so much potential inside us, but we hide them. We doubt ourselves, feel insecure and lack in confidence. We put ourselves small because we’re afraid to offend other people, which result in making less money. If you want to make more money, you have to break this limiting belief especially if you’re entrepreneurs or want to start your own business.

I found a perfect example in the movie “Frozen”. A girl was taught to be a good girl and hid her power because she was afraid. But when she learned to use her power out of love love instead of fear, magic happened. (If you didn’t catch this hidden message in the movie, I recommend watching it again! 🙂

Remember every business is about solving other people’s problem and receiving money as an exchange. Hiding your power because of fear or your limiting belief don’t only help you make more money, but you are also doing disservice to the people who need your help.

I believe every woman has a gift to share with the world. What challenge did you overcome in the past? What are you good at? What does your product or service help people solve their problem?

When you focus on giving instead of receiving, magic happens in your life.

Love and Success,


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