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March is a month of International Women’s Day and there were many events focused on women. I was intrigued by a website my friend shared with me where many parents from CEO of Nike to a Super Bowl hero write a letter to their daughters and share them on the website.

Different words, different style, but they all share the same message – they want their daughters to be happy and dream big because they can be anything they want. Being a parent myself, I totally agree that that’s the ultimate thing a parent want to our children.

More and more women are excelling in various areas and a glass ceiling is disappearing. In 10 years the world will be completely different from now. Our daughters will have so much more opportunities. But what’s more important than the opportunities or environment is their ability to believe in themselves. Do you know how they form their ability to believe in themselves? Us – parents.

A study shows that 53% of girls have a reference to follow. Of which 73% chose their mother as the main female model to follow.*

That’s means that our daughters learn and create their belief based on what we do and say. How we talk about other women, how we relate to our partners, how we develop professionally, how we talk about ourselves, how we live our lives, all of these transmit to our daughters and form their belief and life.

Here is my question to you.

Are you living a life that you want your daughter to live?

If we want to teach our daughters to be happy and dream big, we have to be the role model so that they have an example to follow. We all know that the best way to teach our children is not by preaching, but by being an example. How can we teach our children that they can be anything they want if we are not living a life we really want?

You are meant to live an extraordinary life.

You are born with a purpose.

You have so many gifts to share with the world.

If you’re not living a life you want to teach your child, change it. Not someday, but NOW. Decide that you’re going to change it because when there is a will, there is always a way,

Live a life you’ll be proud of – for you and your child.

(* Source:!/news/909)

Love and Success,

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