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When you come upon an apple tree, where do you pick first? The tree is full of fruit, high and low, and all of it looks good. You can’t decide whether to get the ladder and start up high or somewhere else.

It’s the same in business. If you’re like most small business owners, you likely get overwhelmed with so many ideas, you’re not sure what you should be really focusing on to grow your business.

Perhaps someone told you that he’s made tens of thousands of dollars with affiliate, while another person told you membership is the way to go. With so many ideas and choices, have you ever been confused and distracted by ‘next bright shinny object’ at least once?

So you start picking from the apple tree, first going high and then going low; after a while you don’t seem to be making any headway. The tree is still full and your basket is empty. That’s because when you’re working on many different things at the same time, your efforts are diluted and nothing will give you the result you want. The key is to find just a few things that work and focus your marketing effort and money on them. Let’s call them our “low hanging fruits.” Because they are easier to reach and offer a quicker result.

So what are those few things? I’ve created a simple check list to find out what you should be really focusing on at each stage of your business growth.

Stage 1: Starting-up

Your focus:

At this stage, you have between zero and only a few customers, and your goal is to get regular money flowing to your business. Focus on identifying your ideal customers and spend your time and effort converting them into paying customers. Your No.1 marketing strategy probably is word-of-mouth, so spread the word. Give out coupons, samples and free sessions to your friends, colleagues and past customers to bring their family and friends. You won’t need a website, or you can just create a very simple one if you need it.

Your marketing goal:


Your marketing strategies:

Referrals, speaking, networking events, trade shows, publishing, (blog/ezine), Facebook Ad, Google Ad, 1-1 consulting, workshops, speaking 2-3 times a month (live and teleseminar), interview experts, ezine (at least 2 times per month), free discovery session.

Stage 2: Expanding

Your focus:

At this stage, you have a handful of clients that provide cash flow, but you’re ready to maximize your profit and scale up your business. Focus on leveraging your time by hiring a team to support you and manage the growth of your business. If you’re experiencing and income roller coaster, work on your marketing plan and/or create more product in order to create a more steady cash flow.

Your marketing goal:

Be seen as an expert, create multiple streams of income.

Your marketing strategies:

Joint venture, TV/radio show, social media, webcast, good looking website, workshops, seminars, publish a book, speaking, group coaching, affiliate, telesummit, info product, high end coaching, buy Ad space in online/offline media.

Stage 3: Growing to a million- dollar-plus business

Your focus:

At this stage, you have a successful business model and solid revenue streams that consistently generate income. But if you’re still working hard, and your business and business decisions depends on you, your growth is limited. If you want to expand your business to a million-dollar-plus business, you need to create a system that works for you even while you’re away.

Your marketing goal:

Systemize. Automate. Playing a bigger game.

Your marketing strategies:

Franchising, licensing, train the trainer, bigger JV partners, TV/Radio show, high end coaching, speaking, affiliate, info product, buy Ad space in online/offline media.

These are just examples. The most important thing is to pick a few of the easiest that give you the most result (low hanging fruits) and focus your time and effort on them. Remember, 20% of efforts give you 80% of the result. Try everything and find your low hanging fruits!


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