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  • Are you frustrated from working hard and not having enough money all the time?
  • Do you feel like money keeps slipping through your fingers?
  • Do you feel guilty and lack the confidence to charge higher prices for your service?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then I have a secret to tell you.

The reason why you don’t have enough money is not because you don’t have enough clients, your job is not paying you enough, you don’t have a high enough education or even that you weren’t born in a rich family. There are many people like Oprah and J.K. Rowling who built great amount of wealth from nothing.

So what is it that creates your current financial reality?

It’s your beliefs about money.

What did you hear, see or experience about money while growing up? What did your parents tell you about money and rich people?  Did they often fight over money? Did you have to give up something because you couldn’t afford it?  Did any of your relationships with your family, friends or loved ones fail due to money? Most importantly, what did you come to believe about money from those experiences?

Your perception about money creates your current financial reality. If you don’t consciously choose what money story you want tell to yourself, your belief controls every behavior and choice you make about money. And even if you gain more money, you will subconsciously sabotage your success and lose everything you’ve gained. That explains why most of people who became an overnight millionaire after winning a lottery become even more broke within a few years.

If one of your beliefs is “I have to work hard to make money,” you’ll not be able to see any opportunity to make money in an easier way. If you believe that “Money makes people greedy and evil”, you’ll never try to be wealthy because you’re so afraid to lose relationships with your loved ones.

Isn’t it scary? Yes. But the good news is, you can rewrite your new money story and create your new reality.

Here is a simple but profound exercise you can dive into the root causes of your money problem and change them to new empowering beliefs to achieve your financial goal. Don’t just read it, but spend a few minutes and follow each step.


1. Fill in the blank.

Money is_______________.

Rich people are _____________.

Notice what came up to your mind immediately. Don’t judge whether it’s good or bad, but just notice what they are and where they come from. Write down everything you come up with and have a good look. Do you see more negatives than positives?

2. Look at the negative beliefs and ask yourself. Are they always true? Does it happen to you all the time? Have you seen any examples that are opposite to your belief?

What has your beliefs about money done to your current financial situation? Has it affected your relationships with your parents, spouse and family? How can your beliefs help you to become achieve your financial goal?

3. Now write down the opposite of your negative beliefs. State them in a way that empowers you and you have a control. If your old belief was “It’s difficult to get a lot of money”, you can restate as “Money comes to me easily”. Instead of “Rich people are greedy,” you can say “I get rich helping others” or “I use money to help more people.” It’s okay if these statements seem invalid or unfamiliar to you. Write them down. These are your new affirmations to which you will aspire.

Post them in a spot you’ll see every day whether it’s on your wall, bathroom mirror or fridge. Read them out loud one to three times a day. Continue until your new beliefs resonate within you as valid and true.

Next steps:

Remember, affirmation alone can’t manifest money if you don’t take any action. The purpose of this exercise is to change your belief that controls your behavior and action. Look for opportunities and ways to make more money. Think money is a way to empower you and make a bigger and positive impact on other people’s lives instead of letting it to limit you.   

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